Lest I sound like a broken record, ignore these stats at your own peril, home sellers…. Rising inventory=falling prices 99% of the time.


Santa Clarita Real Estate Stats Nov 12 18 from Keller Williams VIP.

With the recent fires and SoCal drama, quite a few people are tossing around the idea of finally leaving California. Don’t cash out leaving money on the table by pricing your home too HIGH. 

Wait, what? How can pricing my home too high leave money on the table? I can always lower it, right?

Sure. continue to pay your mortgage and expenses 4 or 5 months while the home sits gathering dust, and there’s the first $20k. Dropping your home’s price to BELOW what it should have been priced at to start will take another $20k out of your pocket. In those months spent waiting for an overpriced home to sell, your desired re-location city may have rising home prices as well Add that to the costs.

Moral of the story: Price it right with an expert, or don’t sell now.